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Heatwave Relief!

on July 21, 2012

The past few days have been much cooler and I see how much the heat really does affect my mood…and hubby’s!

Things were rough during the last heatwave.  It’s getting warmer again today, and I’m sitting here reflecting while I listen to the whir of the fans. Hubby and I have actually had some decent talks during the cooler weather. We still have things to work through, but I don’t feel nearly as helpless as I did. And he admitted the heat got to him too, so I know it’s not all me.:-)

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I am working on it and trying to figure out what will work for me and my family.

I know I need some Me Time. I need to make time for it and I need hubby’s help and understanding.

He and I also need time together. And not just going to a movie and dinner every once in awhile. I want to do fun things together like we did when we were dating.

And we need to spend more time together as a family. With the farm basically running our lives, we just don’t have much time together. When we can, I want us to go for walks together or play outside after dinner. And I want us to devote just one day each month to do something fun. Whether we go hiking (which I used to love and miss), to a children’s museum, bowling  or to the zoo, we need to make family time a priority. Yes, the farm is important, but it cannot run our lives.

And now we’re going into yet another heatwave. It doesn’t look like we’ll have any relief for at least a week. Hold on…it could be a bumpy week!

2 responses to “Heatwave Relief!

  1. Jonathan says:

    More fam, less farm:) thanks for the thoughts Teresa.

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